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Social Thinking Group Therapy
Using curriculum from Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking series, children will learn skills for understanding how to navigate social situations, while considering how their behavior affects those around them. Social Thinking emphasizes learning to think about social behaviors, one step beyond traditional social skills instruction. Social Thinking groups are ideal for verbal children with autism spectrum disorders, children with ADHD, children with learning disorders, those with mild intellectual disabilities, and those with pragmatic language impairments. 
ADHD Skills Group Therapy

Children with ADHD often struggle with exectutive functioning, behavioral and emotional regulation, flexibilty, working memory, and organization. ADHD Skills groups help your child learn these skills and more, as they simultaneously strengthen their cooperative group interaction skills as well. Activities and skills will vary by age group. 


Parent Consultation

Oftentimes, parents are unsure what options are available and what directions to take when thier child has special needs. Dr. Beadle is available for parent consultation to review school or other outside evalutions, to determine if further assessment is warranted, to assist in further recommendations and treatment planning, or to provide parenting techniques for particular behavors and situations on a case-by-case basis. 

Individual or Family Therapy

Very limited openings for short-term, solution-focused individual or family therapy may be availble. Please contact Dr. Beadle for more information if you are interested in these services. 

At this time, no therapy appointments are being offered. All efforts are being focused on evaluation. Thank you for understanding! 

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