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At this time, evaluation appointments have resumed with no ongoing Covid restrictions. Due to extended closures, there is currently a 4-6 month wait for new appointments. Please complete the form to the right to be added to the cancellation list and wait list for upcoming appointments. Thank you for understanding. 

Evaluation Options

Post-Adoption/Post-Foster Care Evaluations
Children who have been adopted from international institutional settings or those who have lived in foster care settings often have unique assessment needs. Consequently, they are often misdiagnosed, as many professionals do not fully understand the impact of trauma and adoption-related experiences. Evaluations to determine your child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, language skills, auditory processing abilities, memory and learning, social-emotional functioning, and overall adjustment can provide insight into your child's overall development and adjustment to life after adoption or foster care. 
Neuropsychological Evaluations

This individually tailored evaluation can provide an assessment of your child's intellectual, academic, language, visual-spatial, memory, attention, and social-emotional functioning. Neuropsychological assessments are most appropriate for children with medical diagnoses such as seizure disorders, traumatic brain injury, unspecified disorders of the nervous system, prenatal drug and alcohol exposure, and genetic abnormalities. 


Autism Spectrum Disorder/ADHD/Learning Disorder Evaluations

The evaluation will be individualized depending on the unique concerns your child is demonstrating. Whether your child is struggling with social interaction and communication, attention and concentration, or academic achievement, a comprehensive evaluation of his or her skills will provide guidance for how best to help your child achieve his or her full potential. The evaluation will help you as parents understand how to help your child be happy and feel confident in social, family, and school situations. 

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